Vandyvape – Simple – DIY – Tool Kit


Vandyvape Simple DIY Tool Kit

1 x Nipper
Ceramic tweezers
2 x Cross Screwdriver one of 3.5mm and one of 2.8mm
1 x Straight Screwdriver 3mm
Scissors and Diagonal pliers

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First of all this is a Tool Kit from Vandy Vape.
Because there are many things that you need in order to build a coil,
Vandy vape made this kit with me most basic tools.
Furthermore there are seven different tools inside this kit.
Because sometimes the coils gets hot the ceramic tweezers
will help you work without burning yourself.
Therefore one of the tools is the Ceramic tweezers.

Furthermore there are many types or brands of atomizers.
Therefore there are also many types of screws.
Due to that this kit has three different screwdrivers.
Two of them are cross screwdriver but one is of 3.5mm and the other 2.8mm.
Because there are also straight screws, the other screwdriver is straight with the size of 3mm.
Due to the fact the the wires usually come with a length of 3m,
in this kit you will find some scissors in the package.Another thing that it will need to be cut is the coil.
After building it there will be some loose unnecessary wire.
For that you need to use the diagonal pliers from the tool kit.
Finally the pliers is a very useful tool and it should not miss from the Vandyvape DIY Tool Kit.


-1 x Nipper
-Ceramic tweezers
-2 x Cross Screwdriver one of 3.5mm and one of 2.8mm
-1 x Straight Screwdriver 3mm
-Scissors and Diagonal pliers


Even though this Tool kit has the basic tools, you are still missing two very important.
Therefore you will find them here.
These tools are organic cotton and also the resistance wire.
Another important fact is that DIY is not recommended for beginner vapers.

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