Uwell Nunchaku Replacement Coils (4 pack)


0.25ohm Claptonized A1 – 40-50W

0.4ohm Claptonized A1 – 45-55W

0.2ohm UN2 Mesh – 50-60W

0.14ohm UN2 Mesh – 50-60W

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The Uwell Nunchaku Replacement Coils introduce the Pro-FOCS Coil, which the Plug-Pull mechanism for an ergonomic replacement process with Claptonized A1 heating wires for an optimal balance of flavor and vapor production. The 0.25 Nunchaku Coil uses a claptionized A1 coil rated for 40-50 watts. The 0.4 Nunchaku Coil uses a claptionized A1 coil rated for 45-55 watts. The Nunchaku 0.2 coil uses mesh rated for 50-60 watts

Compatible with:

Nunchaku 2 100W Kit

Nunchaku 80W Kit

Nunchaku Sub-Ohm Tank

Uwell Nunchaku Replacement Coils:

Pro-FOCS Coil Technology – Plug-Pull Mechanism
0.25ohm Claptonized A1 Coil – rated for 40-50W
0.4ohm Claptonized A1 Coil – rated for 45-55W
0.2ohm UN2 Meshed-H – rated for 50-60W
Organic Cotton
0.14ohm UN2 Meshed-H – rated for 50-60W


4 x Nunchaku Coils

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0.2ohm Meshed, 0.25ohm Clapton, 0.4ohm Clapton, 0.14ohm Mesh