Chemnovatic Nic Shot 10ml 50VG/50PG




50VG / 50PG

Fully TPD Compliant

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Chemnovatic Nicotine Shot:

– 10ml

– 18mg/ml

– Fully TPD Compliant

– USP Grade Nicotine

– 50VG / 50PG

Nic Shots are a great new fully TPD compliant way to safely convert any e-liquid into a 3mg or higher.


1x 10ml 18mg Chemnovatic Nic Shot into  50ml shortfill e-liquid to convert it into 60ml – 3mg
4x 10ml 18mg Chemnovatic Nic Shot into 80ml shortfill e-liquid to convert it into 120ml6mg
2x 10ml 18mg Chemnovatic Nic Shot into 100ml shortfill e-liquid to convert it into 120ml – 3mg
2x 10ml 18mg Chemnovatic Nic Shot into 10ml MTL shortfill e-liquid to convert it into 30ml – 12mg

Read this before you buy:

– Nicotine is a highly addictive substance.
– Nicotine is toxic in pure form. This product is diluted but should be used with caution.
– Nicotine and tobacco products have a legal age limit of 18 years for Sweden and Europe.
– This product is intended for adult smokers only.
– Avoid getting nicotine fluid on the skin. Protect eyes, face and feel free to wear gloves when handling nicotine.
– In case of contact with nicotine on the skin, you should always wash it thoroughly from the exposed part.
– Keep all your gear (liquids, nicotine, bottles, atomizers and other equipment) out of the reach of children and pets.
– Read the safety application before usage.
– Always seek medical or emergency care if you suspect that your child has taken nicotine fluid! Even a small amount of nicotine ingested by a child may cause injury!
– If you experience persistent side effects that are listed in the safety application, please consult a doctor and bring the packaging and the safety application.
– Nicotine based e-liquids should be stored at 12 degrees Celsius for optimal life and quality.
– Nicotine based e-liquids have a shelf life of at least 2 years with unopened packaging and at least 1 month with opened packaging when stored outside. Avoid sunlight and store between 5-25 degrees Celsius in a dry and dark place.