BIG SLUG by Deathwish Modz


Limited Edition BAREBONES tube

Powered by 18650 & 20700 Cells

Unholy RDA V2

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The Big Slug is a Limited Edition Barebones mod & Unholy RDA V2 combo, available in stainless steel with only 300 units produced in a single and final batch. Photos are of a wear-tested prototype, as engravings will be bigger and deeper. Final product may slightly differ.

The amazing new tube & RDA by Deathwish Modz is here! Bask in the glory of the BAREBONES mod and UNHOLY V2 RDA!

The tube is designed to be powered by either a 18650 cell or the newer 20700 cell! A smart contact system (that is easily swapped to change battery size on the fly) prevents arcing on the battery contacts. This beauty of a tube is 26mm wide, as the amazing Unholy V2!

The Unholy V2 is a beast of an RDA, that is simple yet INCREDIBLY efficient! Two MASSIVE posts with extremely sturdy 4mm grub screws, will hold your coils in place and a ball-bemaring system within the posts will make sure everything stays locked in place.

Featuring an incased ball bearing within the post itself, it allows for new installation possibilities! Using a lead on top and one at the bottom of the ball bearing, you can install any coils as you would do in a velocity-styled deck – or you can install both leads under the ball bearing for a firm grip on your coils

BAREBONES kit comes with:

The Unholy RDA V2
18650 contact pin + delrin sleeve
Contact tool for easy switch between 18650 and 20700 cells
Misc parts